Saturday, March 26, 2011

They still hunt lions

Returning from my nightly walk, I passed a man walking his dog in the local park. The dog loomed up out of the darkness and, as it nuzzled my trousers, I noticed that it was not in the first flush of youth.

The man was smallish, neat, middle aged, with a military-style moustache.

"Are they still called Rhodesian ridgebacks?" I asked him.

"Indeed they are!" he replied, obviously pleased at my interest. "And they st- still hunt lions."


  1. I understand the Maasai in Kenya used spears. They used to send out young men solo, but the decline in lion numbers has led to hunting in groups. I do not know whether the Maasai keep dogs.

  2. Apparently, the Rhodesian ridgeback was bred by European settlers from their own dogs and Khoikhoi hunting dogs. Looks like the Maasai didn't use dogs.