Monday, December 24, 2012

Odds and ends

Regular visitors and subscribers may have noticed over recent months that too much comment spam has been getting through the filter. I have adjusted the settings (without reinstating that distorted word and number reading exercise) and so far, so good. The spam seems to have stopped, and it should still be easy to make comments if you care to.

Though visitor statistics have improved significantly, there are fewer comments, and I take this to be part of a general trend away from (commenting on) blogs and towards social media.

As the year draws to a close, I have been (as one does) wondering about future directions, both in terms of which particular interests to pursue, and how and where (at what level, using which forums, etc.). Should I have a look at Google+, I wonder? And/or look at more specialized forums?

And should the two blogs be maintained or consolidated into one?

As it stands, Language, Life and Logic allows me a bit more scope to be boringly scholarly. I intend to put up something there soon on Noam Chomsky's ideas on language, but, if I wanted to discuss his political ideas, I would do it on Conservative Tendency.

I don't analyze visitor statistics, but am pretty sure the majority of hits are fleeting and superficial. To those visitors who have read something here they relate to in some way, thanks for your interest.

A tolerable Christmas and a happy new year to all.


  1. I like the separate blogs, and the scholarly kind doesn't bore me at all. I have less to say lately but that does not reflect a lack of interest. Quite the contrary. Sometimes I think, "Well, what could I possibly add to that?" LOL.

  2. Thanks, GC, I appreciate it. Good to hear from you, and happy new year.